Wheels Private E-Bike Rental

**Private rentals do not include basket

All of the benefits of ownership but without the upfront commitment and still delivered to your doorstep. Featuring free contactless delivery, all devices are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected prior to delivery. Get to where you need to be while practicing appropriate social distancing. 

 How it works:

  1. A Wheels Crew member will deliver a bike right to your desired location via contactless delivery. Your bike will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected prior to delivery.
  2. Unlimited Free Rides for the entire length of your rental. Includes charger and lock.
  3. Subscription automatically renews but cancel anytime and a Wheels Crew member will come pick it up at your desired location via contactless pickup.


* Prior to delivering the Wheels bike and charger to you, Wheels will charge a $25 security deposit to your credit card. The deposit will be refunded to you when the Wheels bike and charger are returned to Wheels in the same condition, ordinary wear and tear excluded, at the conclusion of the rental period.

* Note: Color may vary